Covid-19 Travel - December 31, 2021

This year at Qured - 2021 Wrapped

Covid-19 Travel - December 31, 2021

2021 is almost over. The past year has seen the full restart of travel worldwide; notably, British travellers can finally visit the United States, and the UK government ends the year with no red-listed countries.

We’ve been reuniting thousands around the world with loved ones and helping hundreds of families experience a long-awaited holiday in the sun. 

With the numbers crunched, we found out some interesting facts and statistics about how you tested and travelled this year:

Your health matters.

Caring for our customers has always been at the heart of everything we do. We offered 2367 free GP phone consultations for patients that tested positive for Covid-19 to ensure those who needed it could access free, expert advice.

Buenos tiempos en españa!

The top 5 most visited destinations by Qured customers this year were…

  1. Spain - 14.89% 

  2. Greece - 12.56%

  3. France - 6.7%

  4. US - 5.23%

  5. Portugal - 5.1%

Oh, to be on a sunny beach in Spain right now!

Great minds travel alike.

There’s no doubt that July and August are busy months for travel. But which dates?

We saw that the most popular date to travel abroad was August 9th, and the busiest date to come back to the UK was August 30th. If only you could have a holiday that long!

Time saved is time well spent!

The Test to Release scheme is now limited to non-fully vaccinated arrivals, but for a while, everyone arriving in the UK had to quarantine for ten days or take a PCR test on Day 5 to exit isolation. In total, we helped over 11,000 travellers exit quarantine early, saving a staggering 55000 days in isolation.

Screen time.

As one of the first private providers to introduce pre-departure antigen tests, we launched our service with a video consultation to give everyone peace of mind that they were taking their test correctly. Professional administration or video supervision is required for travel to the USA, so our Health Advisors have continued helping thousands of travellers every day.

In total, we’ve provided over 250,698 video consultations! This equates to our team completing over 2,506,980 minutes/41,783 hours of test supervision, which is roughly equivalent to watching every single episode of Friends over 470 times!

Over the year, we’ve continually responded to changes in testing requirements at home and abroad to ensure that everyone who can travel can do so with peace of mind. Bring on 2022!

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