Covid-19 Travel - July 26, 2021

Cheap Holiday Expert: Using a Qured rapid antigen test

Covid-19 Travel - July 26, 2021

We recently got in touch with one of Instagram’s most-loved travel guides, Chelsea. Otherwise known as Cheap Holiday Expert, she was only too excited when we got in touch to help her get the tests she needed for a long-awaited trip to Portugal. Read on to hear about her experience using our rapid pre-departure test.

As soon as we got the thumbs up for travelling abroad again, I bought myself a flight to Portugal which, at the time, was a green list country.

Yet, as the travel booking endorphins subsided (how I’ve missed them!) I realised I still had a big hurdle to tackle - sorting out my Covid-19 tests.

After some thorough research, I felt fairly confident of what I needed to do and in what timeframe, but the one sticking point for me was the pre-departure rapid antigen test that I’d need to take in the 72 hour window before flying home from Lisbon to England.

Information was a bit thin on the ground about where I could get this in Portugal, and so when a follower on Instagram mentioned Qured’s rapid antigen tests that you could order before your trip and pack in your bag with you, I was completely sold.

I ordered the kit online and was surprised to hear it drop through my letterbox the next day. If only all deliveries were that quick! The box itself was small, slim and very light - ideal for me as I was only travelling with hand luggage (I just popped the tiny liquid vial in with my liquids).

After ordering, I’d also been sent an email prompting me to book an appointment with one of Qured’s Health Advisors. This is how they verify your test, as you connect with one of these advisors by video call whilst on your holiday. I also liked that there would be someone to talk me through the steps to make sure I was doing it all correctly.

My advice here would be to book your appointment as soon as you order to make sure you get the best time to suit you and your travel needs.

Finally, it was time to head to Lisbon and several pastel de natas later, my appointment for my rapid antigen test with Qured was coming up.

I followed the instructions given for what to do before joining - laying everything from my test out - and then hit the link on my email for the ‘digital waiting room’. I filled in my name and then clicked on ‘Check In’.

When I logged in, it told me that 5 advisors were available and that my call would start soon, so I used the time to do a ‘Pre-call Test’ which let me check that my video and microphone was working well. I was using my laptop for this, but you could use a phone or tablet too.

After 3 minutes, my call connected and I was met by the most friendly woman who took me through every stage of my test.

When the test was done, I was asked to start a timer for 20 minutes so that when it went off, I could send a photo of my test result along with my passport to Qured to verify. I had a 10 minute window to get it in, and then I was told to expect my certificate within the hour.

I ended the call with the Health Advisor and drafted my email to Qured, and set up everything I needed to take the photo. When my timer went off, I took a photo, attached it to the email and hit ‘send’.

I got confirmation straightaway that they’d received my email and then 8 minutes later, my certificate was in my inbox.

I was blown away by how slick the process was, and relieved to know I could get back to my holiday without having to try and find a test, or feel nervous at a possible negative result.

Since coming home, I’ve recommended Qured to so many people - it really is a fantastic option to alleviate the stresses of testing whilst abroad and I’ll definitely be using it again in the future.

Written by Chelsea Dickenson / Cheap Holiday Expert for Qured



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