Covid-19 in the workplace - January 24, 2022

LFD testing for your workplace

Covid-19 in the workplace - January 24, 2022

With workplaces across the country returning to the office, there has never been a better time to set up a testing process to ensure your team stays safe and healthy. It will help your employees feel confident returning to the office and reduce infections breakouts. 

Why should workplaces test employees?

Creating a testing process within your office will not only limit the potential spread and, therefore, absences due to illness, but it will also provide a sense of peace of mind and wellbeing for your employees.

Although there is no legal requirement to test employees prior to returning to your office, with the spread of Omicron and the requirement to self isolate if you do test positive, the drive to test employees is increasing. With around 4-10 cases being asymptomatic, employees can unknowingly spread the virus to those who will encounter symptoms that require time off due to sickness. Creating a regular testing schedule for your employees is the best way to prevent this. 

For many, the fear surrounding Covid is still high, and people are still adjusting back to a sense of normalcy. The mental health impacts of the pandemic, whilst still being researched, is known to be high and affect younger adults, women and ethnic minorities. If you can assist your employees by showing them you care for their health and wellbeing, which a testing programme will allow for, it may help those in your population who are struggling. 

The costs of setting up a testing programme are negligible compared to that of sick leave. One sick day can cost an average of £500 for a company. With LFD testing programmes available from £5/test, the return on investment is clear. 

How can workplaces test employees?

Lateral flow tests can be taken at home, unsupervised and provide the best protection for your office against Covid outbreaks. A bulk of tests can be delivered to your office for employees to pick up as and when needed. Tests can also be delivered directly to employees homes. The most important element of your testing programme is the results verification and management. 

Qured offers this in multiple ways: through results reports to HR teams, add-on video consultations to ensure your team are testing when needed and usage breakdowns. 

How it works

A typical Qured workplace testing account is set up and follows 4 simple steps:

  1. A bulk order of diagnostic tests is placed, and they are delivered to your office within 8 working days.

  2. Employees collect their tests from the office and register them to their Qured account. This allows them to manage their test and results.

  3. Employees take the tests at your desired times (i.e. weekly, daily etc) and upload the test image for results verification. Results are verified and provided to the employees within 2 hours. 

  4. Your Qured account manager sends you usage/results reports at your desired timeframe so you can effectively manage your return to work. 

If you have any questions or would like to speak to our team about setting up convenient and low-cost testing for your workplace, send us an enquiry

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