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Health screening for a modern workforce

Qured is the preventative healthcare platform that supports your employees through their unique health journeys

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Why preventative healthcare should matter to your business


of premature deaths in the UK are caused by preventable cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and lung disease

1 in 4

working-aged people diagnosed and treated for cancer do not return to work following their treatment.

1 in 7

couples in the UK are affected by infertility. 1 in 3 people undergoing fertility treatment will leave their jobs.

The smart healthcare benefit that keeps your people at their best

Equip your team with everything they need to protect their health today and prevent illness tomorrow.

Personalised testing plans

Every employee's testing plan is personalised to them using medical history and leading clinical data.

Expert clinician support

A GP delivers all test results and advice over video call, with referrals into the NHS or PMI available.

Pain-free testing

Virtually painless at-home blood tests, guided over video by a Health Advisor.

Supporting everybody's health journeys

All of our packages include these testing pathways, giving your team access to diverse and personal healthcare.

Health Foundations

Keep your team healthy and productive with insights into vitamin levels, organ and body functions and diabetes to help uncover any deficiencies and assess overall wellbeing.

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Early Cancer Screening

Early cancer detection improves outcomes dramatically, with screening for the six most common cancers that affect working ages: bowel, lung, prostate, testicular, cervical and breast.

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Women's Health & Fertility

Give your team insight into their fertility to help plan for their future, and offer screening for key hormones to confirm menopause diagnosis, with support from a GP to help manage the transition.

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How Qured works

A health benefit that provides real value

  • 69%

    employee utilisation rate

    within the first four weeks of launching in a business.

  • 94%

    of onboarded employees

    complete their first test within the first four weeks of launching.

  • 67%

    of onboarded employees

    personalise their plan within the first four weeks of launching.

A new way to think about health checks

One-size-fits-all healthcare doesn’t cut it

There are now five generations in work, so annual health MOTs just don’t provide the right care for such a diverse workforce. We deliver consistently inclusive testing for every type of employee throughout the year, so your team can continuously monitor their health rather than once a year.

Better utilisation + better healthcare = healthier teams

Poor user experiences and inconvenience lead to low utilisation. Your team can manage their health as easily as their bank balance through the Qured app, and every test is completed at-home with virtual appointments that fit any busy schedule.

Working with PMI, or without

Whether your business utilises Private Medical Insurance or not, Qured is designed to work with or without it. Our test results are accepted by major providers to facilitate seamless referrals and ongoing care. If you don’t have business PMI, we’ll refer into the NHS or the individual’s own private plan.

  • "This is not just a benefit available should someone get sick, but a benefit that can be used by all in everyday life to better themselves which will directly result in less sick days and more productivity. And of course - a happier, healthier workforce."

    Head of People, Sessions Market

Take the first step towards better employee wellbeing

We’ve delivered innovative healthcare benefits to 400 leading businesses, supporting a million customers. Find out what we can do for your people.