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What is Qured?

Qured is the smart healthcare benefit that supports your employees in leading healthier, fuller lives. We offer personalised, pain-free testing for key health foundations like vitamins and organ function, as well as fertility, menopause, and cancer, to help keep people well. And we don’t stop there. Every health journey is guided by our clinicians to ensure Qured members received gold standard support and ongoing care.

Who can use Qured?

We’ve created an employee benefit that works for everyone. For the first time in history, there are four generations in the workforce. Our preventative healthcare service is tailored to provide a personalised pathway for each and every individual, regardless of their stage in life.

Can you sign up to Qured outside of the UK?

We’re currently only operating in the UK. But, we’ll be looking to expand to more territories in the future - watch this space!

How does Qured differ from private medical insurance?

Private medical insurance (PMI) primarily offers people support when they are ill; Qured prevents people from getting sick and helps them manage their health long-term through proactive, ongoing screening and health engagement. In this way, it’s complementary to PMI, but whether or not you have private insurance, our team will ensure onward referral and support where necessary, so you always receive the care you need.

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