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How can Qured benefit my company?

At Qured, we believe that prevention is the new cure. Our platform supports the health of your employees and helps your business get the edge. Proactively engaging with their health helps your employees to stay well and perform at their best. Offering a benefit that they truly value helps you attract and retain the best talent out there. What’s more, our comprehensive management portal gives you clear insights into your return on investment in the programme and helps identify health issues in your population before they become major problems.

How much does Qured cost?

Our tiered pricing options allow you to choose the level of benefit you’d like to offer your team based on your budget and employee demographics, and you’ll only ever pay for active members. All testing packages include our Health Foundations tests which covers testing of vitamins and vital organ function, plus incremental services of your choice including early cancer screening, fertility, and women's and men’s health focuses. Plus, every member receives clinical support and guidance, referral to onward care, educational content and any recommended re-testing, no matter the benefit level - there are no hidden costs here!

How do I implement Qured at my company?

Contact our sales team if you’d like to roll out Qured to your team. They’ll give you a comprehensive walk-through of our service, answer any questions, and get you signed up. Then, our Customer Success team will work with you directly to ensure you have a smooth implementation and launch with your employees. Get in touch with our sales team here.

How do employees sign up?

Once Qured has been rolled out to your workforce, our Customer Success team will activate your management portal and register your employee accounts. All employees will then receive a link that’s unique to your company to download our app and start their health journey. We will then run regular engagement campaigns to ensure activation across your teams.

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